Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Long Term Shelter with Fireplace

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The Man Who Survived the Australian Desert by Eating Frogs

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In 2001, Ricky Megee woke up face down in the middle of the Australian desert, half buried, with a bunch of dingos trying to eat him. This was the first sign that there were going to be some difficult times in his immediate future.
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If you look it up in the bad omens encyclopedia, it just shows a middle finger.
Although Megee didn't remember how he wound up in this situation -- the last thing he remembered was driving west through the Outback -- this is likely just something that happens to people sometimes in Australia. What's a night out without waking up buried alive in the Outback as a partial amnesiac in the midst of being devoured by dingos? Boring, that's what.
After 10 days of Australia failing to kill him, which we believe might be some sort of record, Megee managed to make camp near a water dam by building a small shelter out of twigs and branches. This was where he made his home for the next three months, surviving on raw leeches and grasshoppers.
The monkey butlers wouldn't come until later.
For the occasional treat, Megee would catch a frog, and, as he explained it, "I slipped them on to a bit of wire and stuck the wire on top of my [shelter], let the sun dry them out a fair bit until they were a bit crispy and then just ate them." If that doesn't exactly sound like a balanced diet: Don't worry! You're not crazy. It's totally not a good idea at all. While he was eventually found by farm workers and rescued, here's what Megee looked like after his ordeal:
"Dammit, now I'm going to have to buy all new Speedos again."
So basically, expect the raw-leech-and-frog diet to sweep the fashion industry any time now.

Friday, March 24, 2017

California Man Survival Story

For one California man, what began as a day fishing trip quickly turned into a five-day fight for survival.
This ABC News article is a very interesting story of Survival.
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Shelter of the Week

This week's video is about How to Build a Wilderness Survival Dugout Shelter. Please note the importance of having a small shovel in the trunk of your car, attached to your backpack or with your other survival kit tools.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017


This shelter can be built from material found in the woods in a very little time using NO TOOLS.
I hope you find this of value. Survive, Be Prepared.

The Newly UL Certified Arctic 25 Survival Suit Debuts at Seatrade Cruise Global

I found this interesting article on cold weather/water survival, you can read it here. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Survival Tips

Tips For Preparing For Severe Weather

Excellent tips that may help you Survive read it here.